Version 1.1.44 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jul 23 01:21:36 UTC 2003

> From: Tod Ihde <>

> ...
> Say, slightly OT, but is there any reason that --with-db-memory and 
> --enable-big-db are compile-time and not run-time?

--enable-big-db changes the format of the database files and so
shouldn't be changed lightly.  Only the very busiest servers need it.
It is usually better to run 2 or 3 smaller servers than single server
that will be busy enough to need it.

--with-db-memory is a patch for systems that don't have a good
getrlimit() system call.  dbclean and dccd already have too
many run-time args (with more coming for greylisting) to spend one
a patch of an optimization.

Vernon Schryver

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