Global server whitelists?

Vernon Schryver
Wed Jul 16 23:23:07 UTC 2003

> From: Sidney Markowitz <>

> Is there a way of submitting information about legitimate mailing lists 
> so that they can be added to the server whitelists on everyone's DCC 
> servers?

No, that is impossible because white-lists are idiosyncratic.  It is
likely that the bulk mail you have solicited includes streams that I
have not solicited, and vice versa.  The sample whiteclnt file in the
DCC source is only that, a sample and illustration.

> The latest issue of Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram had an article about 
> spam filtering that triggered a couple of rules in my version of 
> SpamAssassin, but not enough to get it labeled as spam. What sent my 
> filter over the edge was the fact that the message had been reported to DCC.
> It appears to me that people have misconfigured spam filters that 
> triggered on the few spam phrases in this issue of the newsletter and 
> automatically reported it to DCC with no manual verification.

On the contrary, the misconfiguration is at your system.  The DCC
detects bulk mail, not spam.  You need to configure your white-lists
for the streams of bulk mail that local users have solicited.
Because users of a single system often disagree about the bulk
mail that is solicited, the DCC clients support per-user whilte-lists.

> I could whitelist the mailing list at my end, but that doesn't solve the 
> underlying problem. Is there provision for utilizing the supposedly 
> greater degree of reliability of people who run the servers by having 
> them agree on whitelist entries to compensate for misconfigured clients?

Early in the implementation of the DCC the idea was to have white-lists
in the servers.  That was a bad idea except for private servers where
the people running the DCC clients are the same as the people running
the DCC servers.

What the people running a DCC server at consider solicited
bulk mail is unrelated to the notions of the people running a DCC server

Again, the DCC detects bulk mail, whether solicited or unsolicited.
You are responsible for deciding which bulk mail is unsolicited.

Vernon Schryver

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