Obtaining client ID

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Thu Jul 10 16:17:38 UTC 2003

> From: Mark <admin@asarian-host.net>

> I have been using DCC for a while, and, apparently, always ran in anonymous
> mode. I would like to get a client-ID, but the docs are, at least to me, a
> bit vague in this area:
> "After the DCC client programs have been obtained, contact the operator(s)
> of the chosen DCC server(s) to obtain each server's hostname, port number,
> and a client-ID and corresponding password."
> Contact who? All servers listed in "map.txt"? Or just one of them? And
> contact them where?
> Sorry to sound so daft, but I simply do not understand.

Those words in main DCC man page were intended for situations where
the DCC clients are not anonymous.  The original plan had the DCC
funded by large organizations buy DCC client services from an
organization with big, reliable servers around the world.  The
organization that was going to do that didn't, and so things evolved
in other ways.

It is best to use the public servers if your mail system handles
fewer than 100,000 mail messages per day.  Using the public servers
consumes less of your own bandwidth as well as less of the bandwidth
and human effort at other DCC servers compared to running your own
DCC server with the requisite 3 or 4 floods of 40 MBytes/day of
bulk checksums

Probably all and certainly all of the public servers that answer to
the name dcc.dcc-servers.net handle clients in the public with the
anonymous DCC client-ID.  It would be too much work to deal with
thousands of client-IDs and matching passwords when no money is changing
hands.  Even the original plan had small clients being anonymous.

On the other hand, I hope later this summer that the public servers
will start running something like `dccd -u 100,1000` to add a stronger
incentive for 0.1% of anonymous DCC clients that impose 10% of the
load on the public servers to run their own severs.  The new anonymous
client delay scheme can inflate the delay by the average load imposed by
the client.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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