1.1.38 timeout before data read errors.

darkmark darkmark@filament.org
Tue Jul 1 19:36:27 UTC 2003

I just changed the 'C:' parameter for milter from 5s to 30s in dcc.m4 and
remade my sendmail.cf + sendmail restart after seeing several more of
these in my logs with the. .38 build.  I'm assuming that 'C:' is the
connect parameter?

On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, darkmark wrote:
> Milter (dcc): timeout before data read
> Milter (dcc): to error state
> dccm[18182]: smfi_chgheader("X-DCC-neonova-Metrics",0,"hellfire.filament.org 1127; Body=1 Fuz1=1")=-1

Mark Atkinson

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