short note on FreeBSD-STABLE and dcc

Tue Jul 1 16:14:14 UTC 2003

I wanted to mail this to the list since other people might be interested
in this information.  Recently I wanted to upgrade my mail server to
the FreeBSD-STABLE branch from a earlier release of FreeBSD 4.x, however I
knew this would break my existing sendmail + milter + dccm setup I had

I wanted the newer configuration and sendmail setup included in the base
system, but I knew building dcc required the object tree for sendmail to
be a certain place.  Here's how to accomplish the dcc build with a
/usr/src build tree:

- after 'make installworld' and during the 'mergemaster' step of your new
system install the new sendmail files from the -STABLE tree.

- when 'mergemaster' completes and asks if you want to remove '/usr/obj'
do not do it!

- reboot into your new system.

- edit /etc/mail/ and add the FEATURE(dcc) line here, and modify
the options to suit.

- extract the dcc distribution and add dcc.m4 and dccdnsbl.m4 from
dcc/misc to /usr/share/sendmail/cf

- run 'make install' in /etc/mail

- go to /usr/obj/usr/src/lib/libmilter and symlink
'obj.FreeBSD.4.8-STABLE.i386' and 'libmilter' to the current directory '.'

ln -s . obj.FreeBSD.4.8-STABLE.i386 libmilter

Note that the 'obj' symlink name will be different with future releases,
different architectures, and branches -- check 'uname'.

- configure dcc with --with-sendmail=/usr/obj/usr/src/lib/libmilter

- build and install dcc.

I use

with the --with-sendmail config option added, and the auto restart
at the end removed.

Mark Atkinson

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