possible preemptive whitelisting

Sven sven@dmv.com
Tue Jul 1 15:34:47 UTC 2003

Dave Lugo wrote:
> fyi.... (seen on another list)
> To: nanog@nanog.org
> Cc: "Windelberg, Marjorie L, SOLGV" <windelberg@att.com>,
>      "Weiss, Christine G, SOLGV" <cgweiss@att.com>
> Subject: Major E-mail Delivery for FTC DNCR Launch
> Good Afternoon
>      and forgive the new guy if I break any rules or conventions.
> I work for AT&T Government Solutions and we are about to launch the
> Do Not Call Registry for the Federal Trade
> Commission.  At a high level this allows consumers to register their
> phone numbers to  keep most telemarketers
> from calling their homes.  Penalties for calling a consumer on the
> list can be $11K per call and enforcement
> begins in October.
> We are launching consumer registrations on Friday.  My concern:
>  - every registration using the web generates an email which must be
> opened to complete the registration process
> We are looking at the potential of MILLIONS OF EMAILS PER DAY
> beginning Friday.  These will be from the same
> address and have the same subject line.
> I am worried about denial of service or blocking by spam filters if
> providers are not aware this is coming.

Well-founded worries indeed. Finally got the return address (env_from) to be
used in whitecommon or where appropriate:

Just an FYI for those who were as slow as I was to pick up on this :-)


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