Version 1.1.37 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Mon Jun 30 17:03:52 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.37 of the DCC source is in and

For clients, the most important changes involve the adjustments
to the fuzzy hashes to deal with some tricks in spam.

The list of changes in and starts with

    Deal with certain obfuscating URLs.  This change includes some
	URLs in Fuz2 checksums and removes parts of some URLs from Fuz1
	checksums.  This should reduce much of the need for the dubious
	    many hex FUZ2: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
	whiteclnt entry.
    Decode RFC 822 and MIME entity headers to control quoted-printable
	and base64 decoding instead of the previous adaptive algorithm.
	This also involves decoding nested MIME multipart messages.
	A side effect of this is to change the checksums computed for
	some mail.
    Use poll() on Solaris to avoid failures from select() on large FDs.
    Smuggle the Mail_From value to dccm with a ${dcc_mail_host} macro
	so the mail_host checksum is valid despite sendmail smart relays.
	This requires rebuilding with the new dcc.m4.
    Move part of the server-failing timer into /var/dcc/map so that
	dccproc processes can share it.
    Fix dccifd bug in handling detecting the end of headers reported
	by Tim Clymo.
    Fix `dccd -u` which was almost entirely broken.  Extend `dccd -u`
	to inflate the delay for busy anonymous clients.
    Make server selection more stable despite network problems.
    Fix some cases of false alarms of database corruption by dbclean.
	This fix is important where dbclean complains about `repairing` the
    Clear dccd queue delay when the server is idle.  This should help
	dccd on BSD/OS after dbclean runs.
    Avoid `chown` and `chgrp` with `configure --disable-sys-inst`.
    Add `dccproc -x exitcode` as suggested by Paul Wright.
    `cdcc clients` displays counts of NOPs to catch misconfigured firewalls
	at clients.

Vernon Schryver

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