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Dave Lugo dlugo@etherboy.com
Wed Jun 25 18:25:08 UTC 2003

fyi.... (seen on another list)

To: nanog@nanog.org
Cc: "Windelberg, Marjorie L, SOLGV" <windelberg@att.com>,
     "Weiss, Christine G, SOLGV" <cgweiss@att.com>
Subject: Major E-mail Delivery for FTC DNCR Launch

Good Afternoon
     and forgive the new guy if I break any rules or conventions.

I work for AT&T Government Solutions and we are about to launch the Do Not
Call Registry for the Federal Trade
Commission.  At a high level this allows consumers to register their phone
numbers to  keep most telemarketers
from calling their homes.  Penalties for calling a consumer on the list
can be $11K per call and enforcement
begins in October.

We are launching consumer registrations on Friday.  My concern:

 - every registration using the web generates an email which must be
opened to complete the registration process

We are looking at the potential of MILLIONS OF EMAILS PER DAY beginning
Friday.  These will be from the same
address and have the same subject line.

I am worried about denial of service or blocking by spam filters if
providers are not aware this is coming.

I am hoping this group is a good medium to get the word out to inform the
community of this impending event.

At this time I am unable to provide the link or email address, but will do
so on Thursday evening if it is of

Any thoughts?

Richard M. Callahan
Client Business Manager
AT&T Government Solutions
Office:  (703)506-5780
Mobile: (703)608-0665
Fax: (703)245-3749

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