Compiling DCC on Tru64 UNIX

ROGERS Richard
Tue Jun 24 16:06:19 UTC 2003

Thanks Mark! I have had to cheat a bit as the bitypes.h file seems only
to exist on Tru64 v5 and I am building on a v4.0G system (all I can lay
my hands on at present!). However, I have simply "borrowed" the
bitypes.h file and set the build running again, with a reference in
dcc_config.h as you suggest, and it looks as though it will be fine
(only part way through as I write).

Thanks again


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> On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, ROGERS Richard wrote:
> > Any ideas?
> >     u_int32_t s6_addr32[4];
> >     u_int16_t   sin6_port;
> >     u_int32_t   sin6_flowinfo;
> These should be defined in /usr/include/sys/bitypes.h on 
> Tru64 Unix.  You
> may be able to just add this to dcc_config.h (where there is some type
> checking provisions) or one of the other .h files and recompile.
> AC_CHECK_TYPE() in autoconf (although I don't see any 
> instances in dcc's
> configure) usually checks sys/types.h, stdlib.h and stddef.h. 
>  You would
> think that bitypes.h would be included in one of these files.
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> Mark Atkinson
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