A bit too much success

Tim Wicinski tim@meer.net
Thu Jun 19 21:28:33 UTC 2003

Vernon Schryver wrote:

> It would be nice to add a few more public servers to that group.  The
> main requirement is for a machine with better access to the Internet
> than 128 Kbit/sec (unlike one of the current servers), at least
> 768 MByte of RAM (more is nice), and a similar amount of free disk
> space.  There are also some hassles with running an extra shell script
> or two that does a frequent FTP of the common blacklist of naughty
> DCC clients and perhaps generating a private/secret web page or two.
> (The common one is a list of the fewer than 0.2% of clients that
> generate more than 20% of the load.)

I don't think the meer.net servers are running the FTP cron stuff. 
Anything you want to send along?

We may  be able to bring up another machine on some new MFN bandwidth as 

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