Handling mail aliases

Spike Ilacqua spike@indra.com
Wed Jun 18 19:56:54 UTC 2003

> It would be worse than ugly.  It's not just the SMOP (small matter of
> programming), but the question of what dccm should do if a rejection
> threshold is reached for one of the names for an alias but not all of
> them.  Dccm can only tell sendmail to reject or accept for the
> original name.

I'd image the best thing to do would be to accept it for all in that
case.  But yeah, it's ugly.

I bring it up because even though I have a very old, well published
email address, the bulk of the spam I get is comming to role addresses,
hostmaster, webmaster, etc.  There are certainly operational ways to
handle the getting the logs checked and the whitelist maintained for a
role address.  However if would be nice if it was part of peoples normal
mail routine, just the way the mail to those aliases is, instead of
outside of it.  If you've ever directed mail to a communal inbox a bunch
of people we're *suppose* to check you know what I mean.


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