Handling mail aliases

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Tue Jun 17 01:04:17 UTC 2003

> From: Spike Ilacqua <spike@indra.com>

> ...
> On a small scale this is easy to solve (Thanks Vernon!) by symlinking
> "bob" to "robert":

> ...
> This works, but the management of it doesn't scale well....

Why not?  How many users have aliases?

> One would be to create a sort of whitelist that mapped aliases to
> addresses.  Something simple like:
> bob	    robert

How does that differ from sym-links?  That the data is in a file of some
sort instead of a file directory can be important, but it is superfical.

> Another option is to make sendmail do the work, not unlike the mail_host
> trick:
> # used to create macros to send to milter interface
> Kstorage macro
> ...

I can't think of a reason to object to having dccm check ${dcc_user}
before checking $i, except that I'm not sure it would work.
The value of ${dcc_user} must be valid when sendmail tells the
milter interface to tell the "vendor filter" to process an envelope
Rcpt_To value.  Does Local_check_rcpt get delayed by "delay_checks"?

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

P.S. ${dcc_whatever} must be used to minimize "name space pollution."
  It's reasonable to hope that ${dcc_whatever} is not used in many
  sendmail.cf files, but I wouldn't bet my life that ${alias_user} is free

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