userdirs log threshold

Vernon Schryver
Tue Jun 17 00:54:12 UTC 2003

> From: Spike Ilacqua <>

> It looks to me like messages are logged to the userdir as if the log
> threshold is set to 1, i.e. anythign with a X-DCC header is logged.  Is
> there anyway to control this?

Logging is controlled with the `dccm -t`, `dccifd -t`, and `dccproc -c`
thresholds.  If you are seeing log files for messages that have checksum
counts of 0 or 1, then either
   - dccm thinks the threshold for at least one of the checksums is 0 or 1,
   - there is some sort of conflict among whitelists for addressees
      or checksums of a message (e.g. one user whitelists the message
      but another blacklists it)
   - the message is being logged because something is wrong, such as
      bad permissions on a map or whiteclnt file
   - some bug.

I've heard reports about dccproc logging things it shouldn't, but 
have been unable to determine whether the log files contained
complaints about permissions or whatever.

Vernon Schryver

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