Forcing dccproc to always exit with success

Vernon Schryver
Sat Jun 14 15:28:17 UTC 2003

> From: Stephen Palmer <>
> To: Paul Wright <>

> ...
> I have a similar problem with maildrop.  I don't know if exim would work 
> the same, but I worked around the problem by wrapping the dccproc call 
> in a shell script that always exits 0.  Until your (obviously preferred) 
> solution becomes a permanent feature in dcc, this may be useful as well.
> ...

I doubt it is worthwhile but I've added `dccproc -x exitcode` for
1.1.37.  This is a slight generalization of Paul Wright's change.
It seems of limited value, because wrapping a program in a shell
script will always work and won't cost enough to worry about when
the costs of fork()/exec() to run dccproc are tolerable.

Faster mechanisms such as dccifd should be used when speed matters.

Vernon Schryver

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