mail_host patch

Vernon Schryver
Fri Jun 13 15:38:18 UTC 2003

> From: "Sven" <>

> ...
> >   1. use ${mail_host}
> >   2. use something like Spike's patch
> >   3. a new macro set with a local rule about like
> >       Spike's suggestion.

> ...
> > #3 has compatibility worries.

> ...
> I am in favor of creating the macro ${dcc_mail_host} as you have indicated
> and incorporting that into the 

Anyone else?  Spike?

>                                        I am curious as to what compatibility
> issues you see. Would this then entail a new whitelist entry of
> dcc_mail_host or would the dccm handle mail_host to mean whatever value is
> returned by (${dcc_mail_host}) ?  ${dcc_mail_host} : ${mail_host} ??

No, those would be egregious and unnecessary compatibilty bugs.
The problem I'm worried about is making version 1.1.37 install and
work without requiring changes to  That's the point of
falling back to old ${mail_host} when ${dcc_mail_host} is null.


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