Forcing dccproc to always exit with success

Stephen Palmer
Fri Jun 13 13:42:47 UTC 2003

I have a similar problem with maildrop.  I don't know if exim would work 
the same, but I worked around the problem by wrapping the dccproc call 
in a shell script that always exits 0.  Until your (obviously preferred) 
solution becomes a permanent feature in dcc, this may be useful as well.

# dccproc-maildrop
# 20020525
cd /var/dcc

# Send this message to dcc server,
/usr/local/bin/dccproc -w whiteclnt -ccmn,25,25

# a non-zero exit code will mess up maildrop, so exit with 0
exit 0

Paul Wright wrote:

>I wanted to use the client side whitelist with dccproc to filter out mail
>which is suspicious because it looks like it should have a Fuz2 but
>many hex Fuz2 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
>However, this makes dccproc exit with a non-zero exit status for
>messages which trip this check. Exiting with a non-zero status halts
>delivery in my context, but doesn't bounce the message (I'm using
>dccproc with Exim, which takes the non-zero status as a sign that
>something has gone wrong, and defers delivery). I thought that it'd be
>useful for people using dccproc with something other than procmail to be
>able to force a zero exit status. 
>Below my signature is a diff of the 1.1.36 dccproc.c against my hacked
>about version. I'm using the -x option for exitting with zero status all
>the time. I've left the exit status from catching a signal alone.
>Hope this is useful to people in similar situations.

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