dccm userdirs and "mailer"

Spike Ilacqua spike@indra.com
Thu Jun 12 01:22:33 UTC 2003

The -U option to dccm uses the form "userdirs/mailer/addr" for the users
whitelist file and log directory.  I'm curious as to why "mailer" is
used.  I'm thinking of changing it, but first I want to understand it.

I'm working on a version of the CGIs that doesn't require web accounts
to be created in advance.  Instead you use some form of system
authentication, mod_auth_sys, mod_auth_ldap, mod_auth_radius, etc, and
the CGI automatically creates the appropriate directory.  That way if
you are not trying to manage separate Web accounts for your users.

"mailer" seems to always be "local" for anything but a forwarded
address, so I could probably get away with using that.  However, I'm
also thinking about hashing the userdirs.  On a big system you could
potentially have thousands of user directoris, and that can bog down.
I'm thinking of using the simple hash scheme some mailers use.  The user
directories would go into subdirectories based on the first to letters
of the account, i.e. "spike" -> "userdirs/s/p/spike".  Single letter
accounts are handled by putting them in first directory for that letter
i.e "a" -> "userdirs/a/a/a".



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