"no answer from dcc.dcc-servers.net"

Thaddaeus Slany ts.ctms1@cert.siemens.de
Fri Jun 6 19:14:54 UTC 2003

Thaddaeus Slany wrote:
> pioneer:/var/log # cat mail |grep "no answer"
> Jun  5 03:10:58 pioneer dccproc[17960]: no answer from
> dcc.dcc-servers.net (,6277) after 11189 ms
> Jun  5 09:42:35 pioneer dccproc[30057]: no answer from
> dcc.dcc-servers.net (,6277) after 7798 ms
> Jun  5 11:18:49 pioneer dccproc[2236]: no answer from

sorry for my e-mail with no comment... (pressing the send button too

I forwarded this to the list because I stumbled on this messages in my
server logs as posted from the initial poster. (BTW, this is not related
to my other chroot problem)

mmh, so yesterday all 9 of the public DCC server are not answering
occasionally. :-/

Best regards,
Thaddäus Slany, BNV-GZ Technik

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