mail_host patch

Spike Ilacqua
Thu Jun 5 23:17:04 UTC 2003

While I'm posting things DCC, here's a patch to fix mail_host for people
who use a "smart" mail relay.

dccm currently uses the macro "{mail_host}" to get the value of
mail_host.  This works a lot of the time, but "{mail_host}" is actually
the host sendmail should send any bounces to.  If a smart relay is
defined ("DS" in the cf), then "{mail_host}" is always that host.

This patch instead extracts mail_host from env_From.  It simply grabs
everything to the right of the '@' and strips any trailing '>'.  If
there is no '@', mail_host is left unset.

It seems to work for me, but your mileage may vary.  Feedback
appreciated, it's been a long time since I patched something ;)


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