Microsoft Security alerts

Vernon Schryver
Thu Jun 5 04:57:16 UTC 2003

> From: "Rose, Bobby" <>

> Has anyone noticed that some jerk off has been declaring the security
> alerts from MS as many for the past 3 weeks?  Looks like something
> needed for the default whitecommon like the bugtraq stuff.

Given a consensus that those Microsoft messages really not spam,
I'd be happy to add them to the sample whitecommon file.  However,

  - the only Microsoft security alerts I've been seeing are in fact
      trojan horses or worms pretending to be security alerts.  
      ("Only" gives the wrong impression since I've seen a lot of them.)

  - given Microsoft's history and my personal lack of interest in
      mail about Microsoft security alerts, I'd need a well checked
      consensus that any sample whitecommon entry would not leak
      important messages about vital topics such as the need to
      resubscribe to the Microsoft Developers Network.

   - changes to the sample whitecommon list in the DCC source would
      do few of the current thousands of DCC client installations any
      good because almost no one integrates the new versions of the
      whitecommon file with their installation.

   - the whitecommon file is only a sample.  Everyone should remove 
      or especially add entries as locally appropriate.  The DCC only
      detects "bulk."  Target counts of "many" should be viewed as
      merely "extremely bulky."   You must decide "unsolicited" locally.

Vernon Schryver

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