DCC broken?

Brian K. West brian@bkw.org
Tue May 27 04:45:23 UTC 2003

Ok this is strange.. I copied the map file from the friends host that was
working.. and it works now.. so what does that say?  Something in the db is
broken or what?


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> From: Dave Lugo <dlugo@etherboy.com>

> > dcc.dcc-servers.net,-      anon
> > #,-        dccpub1.neonova.net
> > #      not answering
> ...

> Sure looks like you're not getting replies.  Can you snoop that
> segment, and see if there are any returned packets?

My guess is that replies to NOPs are arriving but being discarded
because their HMAC does not match either the password or the transaction
ID used by the DCC client.  There should be no password and that `cdcc
info` output agrees.  Thus either something is confused and thinks 
there is a password or the transaction IDs.

I'd first 
  1. cdcc info> map.txt
  2. mv /var/dcc/map /var/dcc/map.bad
  3. cdcc "new map; load map.txt"

If that fixes the problem, it would be interesting to compare
the old and new map files.

If not, perhaps the dccproc (or dccm?) a.out is trashed and could
be fixed by re-installing.

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