DCC broken?

Brian K. West brian@bkw.org
Tue May 27 04:04:44 UTC 2003

[root@ns3 /usr/local/dcc]# cdcc info
# 05/26/03 23:04:04 CDT  /usr/local/dcc/map
# Will re-resolve names after 01:00:27
#  8 total addresses  0 working
IPv6 off

dcc.dcc-servers.net,-      anon
#,-        dccpub1.neonova.net
#      not answering
#,-        coral.ely.pg.gda.pl
#      not answering
#,-         calcite.rhyolite.com
#      not answering
#,-        dcc-1.be.wanadoo.com
#      not answering
#,-      bne609lc.server-web.com
#      not answering
#      not answering
#,-       gypsy.xactcommerce.com
#      not answering
#,-       ns1.etherboy.com
#      not answering

I'm running FreeBSD


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> From: "Brian K. West" <brian@bkw.org>

> The ip is and I'm not using any RFC1918 space on my network.

> ...

Since midnight GMT 3 hours, 25 minutes ago, has made 86
requests of the DCC servers with IDs 101 and 1086.  That the numbers
of requests are identical suggests that they were only RTT probing NOPs.

I see no complaints about in the system logs for either
DCC server.

What sort of system are you using?

What does `cdcc info` say about any client-IDs or passwords for

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