Blocking peek-through spammers

Vernon Schryver
Sat May 17 13:15:08 UTC 2003

> From: Evgeniy <>

> ...
> > an access_DB entry like
> >	DCC: "REJECT expn spam"
> can i use this examples 
> DCC:"IGNORE expn spam"
> or this 
> DCC:"IGNORE expn spam"

Dccm recognizes only a single special word at the start of the
sendmail ${dcc_isspam} macro.  That word is "DISCARD".  If the
macro starts with "DISCARD", dccm will discard instead of reject
the message even if running as `dccm -aREJECT` or `dccm -aIGNORE`

Thus, a sendmail access_DB line like DCC:"IGNORE expn spam"

combined with a set by `misc/hackmc` reject or discard
a message with an envelope recipient of ""

To whitelist such mail, try OK

combined with a modified by `misc/hackmc -O`


Vernon Schryver

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