Blocking peek-through spammers

Vernon Schryver
Sat May 17 00:17:03 UTC 2003

> From: Daniel V Klein <>

> ...
> I confess I am leery of adding yet another thing to remember on my "when you
> rebuild sendmail" list...
> ...

I don't try to remember such things.  Instead I write scripts and use
them.  Sendmail has been changing so frequently in recent years that
the script I use to install new versions is in my ~/bin directory:

    #!/bin/sh -x -e

    # install configuration files in a new sendmail release and build it
    if test ! -d "$1" -o ! -f "$2"; then
	echo "usage: old-sendmail-dir new.tar.gz"
	exit 1

    gzcat $2 | tar -xf -
    NDIR=`basename $2 .tar.gz | sed -e 's/sendmail./sendmail-/'`

    mkdir -p $NDIR/devtools/Site/RCS
    ln $1/devtools/Site/RCS/* $NDIR/devtools/Site/RCS
    cp -i $1/devtools/Site/site.config.m4 $NDIR/devtools/Site

    mkdir -p $NDIR/cf/cf/RCS
    ln $1/cf/cf/RCS/* $NDIR/cf/cf/RCS
    cp -i $1/cf/cf/Make-local $1/cf/cf/	\
	$1/cf/cf/ $1/cf/cf/		\
	$1/cf/cf/ $NDIR/cf/cf

    ln -s ~/dcc/misc/dcc*.m4 $NDIR/cf/feature/.

    mkdir -p $NDIR/cf/mailer/RCS
    ln $1/cf/mailer/RCS/tunnel.m4,v $NDIR/cf/mailer/RCS/.
    cp -i $1/cf/mailer/tunnel.m4 $NDIR/cf/mailer

    cd $NDIR/sendmail

    cd ../libmilter

    cd ../cf/cf

Notice that carries along my local sendmail configuration files as
well as their RCS archives.  The Make-local script in cf/cf is

    #!/bin/sh -x -e
    ~vjs/dcc/misc/hackmc -AROT ../m4/cf.m4 >
    m4 ../m4/cf.m4 | sed 's/\$\(Id:.*\)\$/\1/' >

It's separate because I use it when fiddling with misc/hackmc.

On a third machine that runs recent FreeBSD, I do something similar
but involve /etc/mail/Makefile.  I don't remember any more details
than `cd /etc/mail; make`

Vernon Schryver

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