Blocking peek-through spammers

Daniel V Klein
Fri May 16 19:36:33 UTC 2003

Due to an earlier stupidity of not disabling EXPN on my Sendmail, I now
have a bunch of spammers who are sending to me with the envelope mail_to
header of, but the body To: header of
(which is what was on the web page last year).

I can block this with procmail, but I'd like to report it as spam on DCC
and prevent other people from getting it (and yeah, I know I can do that
through procmail too, via "dccproc -E -t many -c all,many"), but I'd like to
just have dccm/dccd filter it.  So I added this to my whiteclnt:

many	substitute to

But this doesn't work, because the mail header actually says:

To: (Murray Deininger)

Can I use DCC, or am I going to need to use procmail?


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