domain exclude

Vernon Schryver
Fri May 16 13:38:04 UTC 2003

> From: Evgeniy <>

> I have problem with domain exclude from scaning spam.
> example rules not work 
> whitclnt 
> ok		ent_to
> how i can do this ?

I doubt I understand the question.

That whitelist entry does not look right because it is of type "ent_to" 
instead of "env_to" and the envelope Rctp_To value does not like a mail
address.  Env_To whitelist entries must be like

If the goal is to exempt all mail to a domain, then there are some
possible solutions:

  - list all of the user names in the domain

  - use `dccm -W` and list only those user names that should be checked

  - use `misc/hackmc -O` and a sendmail access_DB entry like OK

Vernon Schryver

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