Confusion over how header checksum values are used

Paul Wright
Thu May 15 11:26:50 UTC 2003

In <>, where we're
discussing a possible DCC plugin for Spampal, James Day says that:
"The DCC will happily return counts for various header fields if you don't
have a body yet. Headers alone will identify many bulk senders based on
last received line or from address in the header."

I know from the output of dccproc that the DCC produces these checksums,
however, I didn't think that they were reported to the servers or used for
filtering. Sounds like I might have misconstrued this, however. Can
someone clarify this for me? ISTM that header checksums wouldn't be
particularly useful for filtering as they wouldn't have enough useful
variation in them (in the case of Received IPs) or would have too much (in
the case of From and Subject addresses).

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