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Valentin Chopov valentin@valcho.net
Wed May 14 14:54:04 UTC 2003


yes everything is as you wrote.
It was:
localhost   RTT-1200   32768 <pass>
backup         RTT-1000   32768 <pass>
dcc.dcc-servers.net RTT+1200

But it seems that when the localhost RTT is high (e.g. 1400) and others
are even higher then that, dccm is passing the spam. I just removed
RTT+1200 from the dcc.dcc-servers.net amd now if localhost and backup fail
it goes to piblic dcc servers.
I'm getting very often:
"skip asking DCC x.xxxx seconds more after failure" dccm message in the
log file.
I think I asked once this question but I ask again: why when the localhost
or backup dcc servers are not active rheir RTT is high.

localhost.,-    RTT-1200 ms  .........
#,-      .........
#      88% of 32 requests ok 1545.81-1200 ms RTT       567 ms queue wait

backup,-        RTT-1000 ms  .....
# *,-       ...........
#     100% of 32 requests ok    4.90-1000 ms RTT       550 ms queue wait

BTW, this is not happening when the cron jobs are running.


On Wed, 14 May 2003, Vernon Schryver wrote:

> > From: Valentin Chopov <valentin@valcho.net>
> > How safe is to use dccm -x option. It looks that when RTT becomes high,
> > dccm doesn't wait  for dccd and start passing spam.
> > Next week I'll upgrade the dccd/dccm server hardware and I hope this will
> > improve the dccd/dccm performance  but how safe is to use dccm -x option
> > anyway?
> When the RTT becomes high and spam passes, are there any error messages
> in the logs?
> I don't hink `dccm -x` will do worse than tell SMTP clients to try
> again later.
> Do your DCC servers run the cron job at different times so that they
> are not both busy deleting checksums from the database at the same time?
> I assume that all of your DCC clients have both servers in their
> map files and that you are using locally defined client-IDs to
> avoid the delay imposed on anonymous clients.
> It might help to add the public DCC servers to your map files as
> a fall-back with a high RTT adjustment, as in
> `cdcc "add dcc.dcc-servers,- rtt+1200".
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