CDCC not working.

Karl Kopp
Wed May 14 04:30:41 UTC 2003

> > I followed the intructions here:
> >
> >
> Those instructions have errors.  Concerning the DCC:


Thanks Vernon, passed the details onto Scott who made the 

> > 1) Compile and install dcc
> > 2) Copy to chroot env
> > 6) Works fine!
> Didn't you adjust your firewall among those steps?

My error - just a coincidence in timing. I locked 
down my firewall again and cdcc stopped working. So 
opened incoming UDP for 6200 - 6300 and it works 
a treat again.

Also checked the permissions on the chrooted env and 
all is fine and running properly as far as I can tell. 
Just need to remember to open incoming UDP port as 
well ;)


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