CDCC not working.

Vernon Schryver
Tue May 13 04:28:51 UTC 2003

> From: "Karl Kopp" <>

> Sorry, was a little unclear. The OpenBSD 3.3 box running 
> DCC can get out on any port on any protocol to any IP 
> from internal. There are no restrictions where it can 
> access (its very lax, but I'm trying to get this to 
> work ;) So their are no UDP or TCP ports blocked going 
> out from the box, and I've opened up UDP and TCP 6277 
> inwards as well (for testing). Going to triple 
> check, but since I run the network, 99.99% sure nothing 
> is blocking it!

Still, a firewall of some sort is the most likely cause, assuming
that routing isn't hosed.

Have you opened remote UDP port 6277 and any local port or
just local UDP port 6277?

If you have no blocking, what do you mean when you say you've
"opened up" some ports?

Can you `ping` any of the IP address reported by `cdcc info`

If you have no UDP blocking, then you should be able get
`traceroute` responses.  This would only check outgoing UDP path.
Given the IP address of your system, I could ask a couple of the
public systems if they've received anything from your system.

If you have access to a distant system, it might be interesting to
try `traceroute -p 6265` or some other number less than 6277 that
will be 6277 when it reaches the box with the problem.

Vernon Schryver

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