dccifd truncated request

Cesar Bonadio bonadio@picture.com.br
Mon May 12 16:06:26 UTC 2003


I just notice that my messages log is receiving a lot of messages like the following

May 12 11:48:06 mx01 dccifd[27653]: truncated request
May 12 11:49:17 mx01 dccifd[27740]: truncated request
May 12 11:49:30 mx01 dccifd[27753]: truncated request
May 12 11:50:06 mx01 dccifd[27816]: truncated request
May 12 11:50:13 mx01 dccifd[27819]: truncated request
May 12 11:50:14 mx01 dccifd[27823]: truncated request

I have a java program that connects directly to dccifd and reports spam
my program is working fine and the messages are been corrected reported

I looked at the code and this there may be some problem with reading the socket

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