CDCC not working.

Mon May 12 13:07:15 UTC 2003

Karl Kopp wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I've spent a few hours trying to work this out
> by sifting thru all the old mail archives, google
> and so on and have had no luck, so I thought I
> would try this list.
> Now, we have a dedicated link to the net without
> any filtering / firewalling upto our router. At
> our router we have allowed all traffic from our
> DMZ out without restrictions. I have allowed
> 6277 UDP and TCP in to this machine and still
> it will not talk to the DCC servers. Ideas? I
> can ping and traceroute to all these boxes no
> problem...
> Pls help ;)

Good morning,

I believe that the *outbound* connection would be to the dcc servers'
port(s) 6277. The inbound connection would then be from the external servers
port 6277 to whatever port was opened on your local machine. Try setting up
your firewall to allow incoming traffic *From* port 6277 to any internal
(unpriveleged) port.


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