New HTML format in spam to change signatures?

Thu May 1 15:25:05 UTC 2003

I found the following email that seems to emply a novel (at least for me)
way of changing hash signatures. It seems to involve an alternative html
comment tag. I don't know if the dccm looks for these but here is a sample
of the actual html followed by how it appears to the client:

W<!N>e<!S> <!U>h<!R>a<!L>ve<!D> a<!H>l<!J>l<!X> <!Q>l<!W>e<!G>v<!E>els
<!T>of d<!M>egr<!C>ee<!K>'s<!X> <!Z>a<!O>w<!I>a<!N>r<!X>d<!U>ed<!L>
fr<!G>om<!D> b<!Z>a<!M>c<!L>h<!Y>e<!X>l<!T>or<!Y>s<!F>,
<!Z>ma<!N>s<!U>ters<!W>,<!J> <!Z>Ph<!R>D's, to

appears as:

We have all levels of degree's awarded from bachelors, masters, PhD's, to

If this type of comment is already being addressed then please disregard
this message; if not, then this may serve as a heads up

Sven Willenberger

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