Newbie - per 'user' question

Edward D. Bryson
Wed Apr 30 20:34:39 UTC 2003

Thanx Vernon, that was the result I thought would work.

With a pair of meshed dcc servers talking to several other dccd's I thought
the volume on 'my' server wouldn't apply. If my people are 'unlucky' enough
to get the first wave of a spam campaign a few of them will get it and help
others not to, if 'your' server got spammed first, i thought the flooding
interaction would then protect my people even if only one of them got it.

also, just a thought, why not store thresholds as a specially formatted
'first' line in the per user whitelist file.


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> > From: "Edward D. Bryson" <>
> > ...
> > More importantly how can I say that user 'edb' wants to reject at a low
> > threshold, user 'rusty' wants to do it a a high threshold and user 'joe'
> > wants to do mark it only? should i just have dccm 'mark' all mail and do
> > this in the separate procmail script? or should i just wait and do it
all in
> > procmail with dccproc? does anyone have any examples of procmail scripts
> > that work well with dcc?
> All of the DCC functions want to apply a single set of thresholds to
> a message.  That is partly because I haven't thought of a good place
> to stash per-user thresholds, and because the idea of per-user thresholds
> does not make a lot of sense.  The DCC thresholds are about the meaning
> of "bulk."  "Bulk" can vary among systems, because a single system sees
> only a sample of all mail.  A small system with 100 users might receive
> only 2 copies of a message while a large system with 100,000 users might
> receive 2000 copies of the same message.  Thus, the "bulk threshold"
> for the small system might reasonably be lower than for the large system.
> However, the notion of bulk seems similare for all users of either system.
> All of that said, there at least two ways to have per-user thresholds.
> One is to only mark mail with DCC counts in the the X-DCC header,
> and then apply per-user thresholds to the X-DCC header as each message
> is delivered.  For example, the following regular expression matches
> X-DCC headers with a body, Fuz1, or Fuz2 count of at least 50:
>     ^X-DCC.*(body|fuz1|fuz2)=[0-9]*[5-9][0-9]
> Another tactic is to run dccproc with per-user parameters.  There are
> many ways to do this.  One is with a .forward file that pipes mail
> through dccproc (and/or procmail).
> Vernon Schryver
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