Newbie - per 'user' question

Vernon Schryver
Wed Apr 30 19:56:07 UTC 2003

> From: "Edward D. Bryson" <>

> ...
> More importantly how can I say that user 'edb' wants to reject at a low
> threshold, user 'rusty' wants to do it a a high threshold and user 'joe'
> wants to do mark it only? should i just have dccm 'mark' all mail and do
> this in the separate procmail script? or should i just wait and do it all in
> procmail with dccproc? does anyone have any examples of procmail scripts
> that work well with dcc?

All of the DCC functions want to apply a single set of thresholds to
a message.  That is partly because I haven't thought of a good place
to stash per-user thresholds, and because the idea of per-user thresholds
does not make a lot of sense.  The DCC thresholds are about the meaning
of "bulk."  "Bulk" can vary among systems, because a single system sees
only a sample of all mail.  A small system with 100 users might receive
only 2 copies of a message while a large system with 100,000 users might
receive 2000 copies of the same message.  Thus, the "bulk threshold"
for the small system might reasonably be lower than for the large system.
However, the notion of bulk seems similare for all users of either system.

All of that said, there at least two ways to have per-user thresholds.
One is to only mark mail with DCC counts in the the X-DCC header,
and then apply per-user thresholds to the X-DCC header as each message
is delivered.  For example, the following regular expression matches
X-DCC headers with a body, Fuz1, or Fuz2 count of at least 50:


Another tactic is to run dccproc with per-user parameters.  There are
many ways to do this.  One is with a .forward file that pipes mail
through dccproc (and/or procmail).

Vernon Schryver

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