Newbie - per 'user' question

Edward D. Bryson
Wed Apr 30 18:44:30 UTC 2003

Greetings -

I've read through all the man pages and all the faqs but can't quite get a
grasp on the answer to this:

We're an ISP with 6000+ users. I want to be able to allow EACH user to
enable/disable use and set their own thresholds for rejection and/or pass
through. (all this will be done with a web pages controlling interface).

using sendmail/milter/dccm with -W switch I think I can enable/disable use
per user and call up private whitelists by only putting active people in the
the whitelist with OK2. but if you have 18 users addressed in an email will
two matches say that the email is ok?

More importantly how can I say that user 'edb' wants to reject at a low
threshold, user 'rusty' wants to do it a a high threshold and user 'joe'
wants to do mark it only? should i just have dccm 'mark' all mail and do
this in the separate procmail script? or should i just wait and do it all in
procmail with dccproc? does anyone have any examples of procmail scripts
that work well with dcc?



Edward D. Bryson
Esper Systems
Knoxville TN USA

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