dccm timeout lets some spam through

Valentin Chopov valentin@valcho.net
Wed Apr 23 12:36:42 UTC 2003


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Gary Mills wrote:

> That sounds about right.  It's curious why dccm could not hear from
> dccd when two of them were running.  One was busy, but the other should
> have responded.  Something else was wrong there.

I'm running a backup dccd server and every night at ~3am when the
"cron-dccd" is running on my main dccd server it's busy but instead of
switching to my backup server dccm uses one of the public dccd servers.
The dccd backup server is on the same LAN and the map.txt is something

dcc.dcc-servers.net,-      RTT+1000 ms  anon
maindccd,-    RTT-1000 ms clientid pass
backupdccd,-        RTT-800 ms  clientid pass

The backup server is not loaded at all and doesn't run "cron-dccd", etc.
at this time.

This is a not a big deal but my DCC graphs don't look very smooth at this
time ;)


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