Odd behavior began with 1.1.35

Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Wed Apr 16 22:47:19 UTC 2003

> From: Bertha <bertha@yetta.net>

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demonstrates one of the reasons why I've warped mailman to quarantine
MIME-encrypted mail.

> Strange thing started up after I installed 1.1.35.  It's still working=20
> just fine, catching all the spam as it should--it's just truncating the=20
> error message that gets sent with the 550 bounce.  Sample from Sendmail=20
> log (lines broken artificially for legibility):

> ...
> Apr 15 05:07:02 yetta sendmail[26608]: h3F96hwa026608: Milter: data,=20
>  reject=3D550 5.7.1 -S
> Apr 15 05:07:02 yetta sendmail[26608]: h3F96hwa026608:=20
>  to=3D<bertha@yetta.net>, delay=3D00:00:14, pri=3D30479, stat=3D-S
> Normally on that second line, where it gives the reject=3D550 message, it=
> =20
> includes a little message about suspected spam, and a link to a yetta.net=
> =20
> page explaining in more detail.  The line in the dcc_conf is:
> DCCM_ARGS=3D'-r -S "5.7.1. 550 Suspected spam; mail refused.  See=20
> http://yetta.net/rejected_mail.html#dcc"'.

Are you sure that a change to dcc_conf was not made shortly before
1.1.35 was installed?  Shouldn't that DCCM_ARGS setting look more like:

  DCCM_ARGS='-S helo -r "5.7.1. 550 Suspected spam; mail refused.  See http://yetta.net/rejected_mail.html#dcc"'

or some other "substitute" header after -S?

I try to keep RCS logs for all system configuration files.  I've
sometimes found such logs handy for fixing blame on systems where more
than one person can fiddle with things, but I've more often used them
to recover from my own bad hands.

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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