Version 1.1.34 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Sun Apr 13 16:47:28 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.34 of the DCC source is in
ttp:// and

Perhaps the most important change is a kludge that generates a FUZ2
checksum of all zeros for mail consisting of a bunch of bytes that
should be suitable for checksumming but no or very few words.  This
checksum value is too likely to have false positives, but it can be
useful for blacklisting at sites that do not handle much HTML mail.

The list of changes in and starts with

    Fix libexec/dcc-stats-collect and libexec/stats-get as noted
	by Valentin Chopov.
    Adjust FUZ2 length thresholds to catch more HTML obfuscated spam.
    Reduce some stalling of dccd on BSD/OS when dbclean starts.
    Resolve conflict between start-dccifd and dccifd by making the default
	location for the dccifd PID file the same as for the dccm file
    Fix dccifd to remove stray X-DCC headers.
    Fix start-dccifd to pay attention to DCCIFD_ARGS in dcc-conf.

Vernon Schryver

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