Commercial uses of DCC?

Vernon Schryver
Sat Mar 22 06:19:29 UTC 2003

> From: "John W. Reames" <>

> I just got an advertisement email from Borderware advertising their
> "MXtreme" product.. 

I hope it was not unsoliticed bulk advertising email.  Unfortunately,
there is plenty of sam advertising spam solutions.  The most ironic
somes from long time senders of unsolicited bulk advertisers such as
Stu Sjouwerman's Sunbelt Software.

>                     they claim that it uses DCC, and i specifically asked
> if it is per rhyolite (had to know) and they confirmed this...
> Are they licensing this tech and providing legitimite support to it?

I don't recall "Borderware."  The only notes in my records that
mention that word involve odd anti-virus warnings sent to the
administration address for this list for subscribed digests.  The
warnings eventually caused the Mailman software to automatically
unsubscribe the source of the warnings.  I don't know if those were
related to this Borderware.

> (or should I just ask them for their source code :)

The DCC source carries a BSD-style license.  That means that neither
Borderware nor the other, perhaps bigger and better known outfits that
are using the DCC in their commercial products are obligated to do
anything but what the copyright notices says.  They specifically do
not need to disclose their source.  I consider this a feature and not
a bug or a mistake, even if it means I'm even less likely to get rich
frm the DCC or even recover any of my costs.

Vernon Schryver

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