many vs. false negatives

Leandro Santi
Fri Mar 21 14:10:26 UTC 2003

Vernon Schryver wrote:

> My position is that even "many" is too low as a rejection threshold
> unless a good local whitelist is in use.  The changes to the FUZ2 algorithm
> should increase the counts of bad mail.  However, if a count of 45 is not
> "bulk," then "many" should probably also not be "bulk."

Yes, I agree that "many" means nothing more than >1k, >100 or even >10 in the
context of the public DCC network. But I set the detection thresholds before
we joined the public DCC net. In that context (ie private DCC net) "many" meant
"spam" in almost every case (because I trust my own spamtraps). Nobody
complained since then, so I didn't modify the thresholds.


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