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Vernon Schryver vjs@calcite.rhyolite.com
Thu Mar 20 23:10:15 UTC 2003

> dcc2>> dccproc -QC </tmp/spam/mail6
> X-DCC-UOLCC-Metrics: jeeves 1112; Body=3 Fuz1=3 Fuz2=45

> ...
>                      Fuz2: 5f03f09e fdf33dc4 df92c369 ccd7d3e8      45

How is that a false negative?  A target count of 45 of looks like "bulk"
to me.

> Strangely, dcc1.sinectis.com.ar is reporting it as "many",

> ...
>                      Fuz2: 5f03f09e fdf33dc4 df92c369 ccd7d3e8    many
> These DCC servers flood against each other, but this particular report
> isn't being flooded. I tried to trace the problem using dblist,

> ...
> I'd expect dcc2 to get this spam report via the 1115->1116->1107->1111
> chain. Is this OK? Any ideas?

The flooding machinery has mechanisms to reduce useless traffic, 
including reports of checksums that are already known to be bulky.
Some of those mechanisms only slow down extra reports.

It seems a day has passed.    Is that FUZ2 checksum now known to be a
"many" everywhere?  (Not necessarily in the first report found by
`dblist -C` but the last one).

Vernon Schryver    vjs@rhyolite.com

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