dcc_db size

Caio Boiteux caio@arras1.arras.com.br
Mon Mar 17 04:45:17 UTC 2003

when i first instaled dcc the dcc_db was something like 40 Mbs
and it stayed this way for quite some time ,but from about 2 months ago
it started growing and is now near 240Mbs
even doing a dbclean (wich i do everyday) dont seem to reduce its size 
too much
is this size ok ?!  mean, is this the db size everyone gets 
or is my database strangely big ?!
is there some tips in reducing its size

for now this size is not causing problems
but i'd like to know what to do to keep the database from growing too much

	Caio Boiteux

      <-The Big Brother is Watching You->

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