Mods to Fuz2 seem to make it less effective

Stephen Misel
Thu Mar 6 15:28:44 UTC 2003

Agreed. We are seeing more spam sliding through recently... I actually went 
into all of the DCC boxen yesterday afternoon to see if we were still flooding.


At 12:32 PM 3/6/2003 +0000, Paul Wright wrote:

>I've recently switched to 1.1.31 from somewhere around 1.1.16 or 1.1.17.
>Looks like the changes to Fuz2 have made it less effective in some cases,
>which are now slipping through the DCC filters I use.
>For example <> in .sightings comes
>out with Fuz2 as "many" with 1.1.16 but no Fuz2 at all in 1.1.31 (because
>of the lack of "interesting" things once the changes have done their work,
>I presume).
>The new Fuz2 is better for some spams, but fails on others. Once the
>whole world is using the later versions, the utility of the old Fuz2
>will be lost. Are there spare slots for checksums so it would it be
>possible to keep the old Fuz2 as another checksum?
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