trivial valgrind fix

Vernon Schryver
Tue Mar 4 14:36:03 UTC 2003

> From: (Leandro Santi)

> If dccproc can't successfully contact a dcc server, it will try to
> dcc_print_cks() the message checksums with garbaged wtgts. This
> patch merely shows where the problem is (ie I don't think is a proper fix).

As far as I can tell by inspection and with a little code to set
wtgts to garbage, the only effect of this bug is that gabage will
appear in the "wlist" column of array of checksums in the log file.
Is that right?

I think the cleanest fix is to move the declaration of wtgts from
within main() to near line 68 so that it will be initialized to zero
along with cks by the loader.  Do you agree?

Vernon Schryver

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