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Sean Rima sean@tcob1.net
Sun Feb 23 22:49:54 UTC 2003

Hi Paul

On Sun, 23 Feb 2003 22:20:08 +0000 (GMT)
Paul Wright <paul.wright@pobox.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 23 Feb 2003, Sean Rima wrote:
> > I know there was mention of a client that used DCC for OE, I am curious
> > if anyone has heard of a generic windows setup.
> At one stage I was thinking of producing a DCC plugin for Spampal, a
> filtering POP3 proxy for Windows <http://www.spampal.org.uk/>. I got as
> far as showing that the Cygwin tools would compile a working dccproc under
> Windows, and then gave up in the face of not really knowing how to do
> pipes under Windows (I decided that piping stuff to a separate dccproc
> executable would be the best way to go, see
> <http://www.rhyolite.com/pipermail/dcc/2002/000826.html>) Some people have
> given me some hints about this, but I've not got round to doing much about
> it. It's mainly a matter of rebooting to Windows for long enought to get
> it to work, which I keep putting off. If anyone else is more conversant
> with Windows programming than me and wants to try that route, that'd
> probably speed up availability of the DCC on Windows.
> Note that any mass distributed Windows DCC client should consider whether
> it's fair to use the public DCC servers, especially if the distributor of
> the software is charging for it. The thread which starts at
> <http://www.rhyolite.com/pipermail/dcc/2002/000813.html> talks about this.

I knew about the one that linked to OE which was payable for, given that
DCC is OS then I would not entertain that anyway. I am not in a major
rush as I still have DCC runing from Exim but there may come a time when
I close that server down, as the hardware is very old :)

I have to admit that I am looking at grabbing Cygwin and trying to
compile it myself. As you say, piping is a problem, but I think that it
maybe overcome


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