[somewhat OT] Image for DCC advertising on website

Daniel V Klein dvk@lonewolf.com
Thu Feb 20 16:53:09 UTC 2003

I run about 100 websites - I am not sure what benefit their would be to
me to advertise that I run DCC.  Sure, it is good advertising for DCC, but
I do that at every conference I go to (lots).


> Has anyone created an image for listing that they are using the DCC on
> their website?
> If not, I might spend some time creating one. I would most likely make it
> about 88x31 which would match the size of the w3.org validator logos (I
> like images to line up with each other).
> Vernon, would you object to having an image like this linking to the
> www.rhyolite.com/anti-spam/dcc/ page?
> Thanks,
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> Brian T Glenn
> delink.net Internet Services
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> display in pine?  It must be somewhere."
> 	--Steve Sykes in n.a.n-a.e
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