1.1.27 dccm crashed

Gary Mills mills@cc.UManitoba.CA
Tue Feb 18 19:34:16 UTC 2003

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 10:51:38AM -0700, Vernon Schryver wrote:
> Version 1.1.29 of the DCC source is in
> ttp://www.rhyolite.com/anti-spam/dcc/source/dccd.tar.Z and
> http://www.dcc-servers.net/dcc/source/dccd.tar.Z

>     Fix dccm core dump in ckfuz1.c.

Thanks for fixing this.  My `dccm' dumped core this morning too,
and kept doing so until I replaced it with one from an older version
of DCC.  I'm anxious to get back to a current version.

By the way, when I build DCC on Solaris with Sun's compiler, I get
thousands of warnings like this:

  "ckfuz2_tbl.h", line 4853: warning: initialization type mismatch
  "ckfuz2_tbl.h", line 4853: warning: initialization type mismatch
  "ckfuz2_tbl.h", line 4854: warning: initialization type mismatch

The `make' also always terminates like this:

  ==> homedir
  rm -f dcc_db dcc_db.hash
  ../dbclean/dbclean -Nh .
  1.1.29 clearing database dcc_db
  mmap(dcc_db-new,0xfc000,0): Resource temporarily unavailable
  could not start database dcc_db-new; fatal error
  gmake[1]: *** [dcc_db] Error 66
  gmake: *** [all] Error 2

I fix it by editing `Makefile' so that the `all' target does nothing.
This allows `make' to continue and complete normally.

-Gary Mills-    -Unix Support-    -U of M Academic Computing and Networking-

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