version 1.1.25 of the DCC

Vernon Schryver
Fri Feb 14 23:49:24 UTC 2003

Version 1.1.25 of the DCC source is in
ttp:// and

The main change in this version is to the Fuz1 checksum to deal
with some noise in URLs.  The Fuz2 checksum now also uses
Content-Type:text/html headers.

The list of changes in and starts with

    Notice "Content-Type: text/html" headers to pay attention to HTML
	even in mail without <html> tags.
    Tweak the Fuz2 checksum to ignore some Microsoft delivery notifications.
    Adjust Fuz1 checksum to be more consistent on URLs.
    Fix date bug reported by Krzysztof Snopek in `cdcc clients`.
    Include an indication that the client was blacklisted in `cdcc clients`.
    Change MIME decoding somewhat as suggested by Leandro Santi.
    Fix bug in dccd client blacklist.
    Add `dccm -g not-all`.

Vernon Schryver

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