server whitelist

Vernon Schryver
Fri Feb 14 17:20:03 UTC 2003

> From: Valentin Chopov <>

> do you think it will be save to remove all entries from the server
> whitelist (inncludes too) and use  whiteclnt only for whitelists
> management.

The maximum size of the client white-list hash table is tiny compared
to the server databases.  A few 10,000 more or fewer checksums in the
server database don't matter.

However, if your DCC clients might use more than one DCC server,
perhaps because they fall back to the public server, then for consistency
you want your client whitelist to be a superset of the whitelists of
all of those servers.  It would be a bad thing for messages to be
seemingly randomly whitelisted depending on which DCC server happens
to be fastest at a given moment.

As you know, the DCC client code regularly pokes all of the DCC servers
listed in the /var/dcc/map file and uses the one that is currently 
nearest/fastest/work (subject to the "RTT +/-" adjustments in the map file).

Vernon Schryver

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